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Concrete Colors

Choosing to enliven concrete with color broadens its appeal and impact. A gray, dull building material is now a medium for creative construction and expression. Decorative concrete can be the focal point or the harmonizing theme for your project. Design and budgetary impossibilities can become realities with colored concrete, a readily available and very affordable building material.

Our coloring techniques can beautify the installation without compromising the strength and durability of the concrete. Numerous colors are available. Custom colors or color matching is also available.



Decorative elements in flatwork can be used on their own: a driveway can be entirely colored concrete, stamped, or exposed aggregate, for instance. The most striking results are produced, however, when the decorative elements are combined. The designer needs to pay attention to how the decorative elements relate to each other in both color and proportion. Also, combined elements cost more: pouring a band with one color and then exposing the fields means making two concrete pours instead of one.


Stamped Textures

Stamped concrete is becoming increasingly popular and a more frequent material of choice for homeowners across the country because of the wide array of patterns and colors available, particularly compared to other potential construction materials.

Concrete can be colored and textured to achieve a variety of looks at an affordable price. Some design possibilities include replicating natural stone, used brick, and more. Stamped concrete is the most popular way to create decorative interest as well as a safe non-slip surface. Acid stains can also be used on cement pool decks to create a custom color that matches the exterior of your home.


Concrete Finishes

Concrete provides a durable, long lasting and maintenance free surface. It comes in a variety of finishes such as exposed aggregates, colored concrete, pitted rock salt and standard grey finished concrete. If you are looking for a long lasting and low maintenance surface than any number of these finishes will be a fit for you.

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